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Free to qualified sites under monthly agreement of 12 months and managed and filled by Coffee Self Vend/Kween Avenue Sweets. 


Rent on a  12 month service and maintenance contract, of $35 per week.


Got a site , but don't want the hassle of running the service.

Message us and we can determine if your site is viable as a Free Rent commission only site.


Coin operated only machine. Capable of being fitted with staff swipe system or Credit Card device.   


The Westomatic Riviera Ultima can be utilised to the maximum all day ever day.


In the cold winter weather, see the Instant Coffee, Hot Chocolate, or Freshly Brewed Tea, fly out the door.


Then when summer comes along customers may revert to the Refrigerated Carbonated or Energy Aid drinks.


Ideal for Offices, Warehouses and Factory Staff rooms.


Holds up to 1020 x 200ml, 7oz or 852 x 320ml, 12oz paper cups.


Selective areas and additional terms and conditions apply.


Weight 236 kg, H 1820mm x W 900mm x D 700mm. 

Coffee Vending Machine Hire