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Colour Piece of Cone Rose triangle design, unique & elegant perfect rose flower packaging.
Solid box design allow you to perfect hold the flower in the hand while not hurting it, and the transparent upper part allow the flower to show beauty
Made of premium paper material giving high-end texture and comfortable hold.
The box will be sent to you in flat state , DIY simple assembly, to enable long term storage and/or reuse.

Color: Purple/Blue/Pink/White/Black plus ribbon.
Material: Hard Paper/Plastic PVC Upper
Size: Length:31.5cm w/PVC upper 14cm/8cm 

Total Length 39.5cm

Quantity: 1 Piece - Select any colour combination.

Also available in Floral Green, plus ribbon, extra length to 36cm, w/PVC upper 14cm/8cm

Total Length 45cm


Flowers NOT included.


Elegant Flower Cone Gift Box